Contract Recruitment

The Partner of Choice

Infopeople takes a pro-active, creative and flexible approach to contract and temporary recruitment. We have a wide range of services on offer to ensure the high quality candidates we represent meet the exacting criteria our clients' demand.

Managed Recruitment Services

Infopeople offers a variety of managed contractor and temporary recruitment programs ranging from vendor and agency management, to specialist tailored programs. These on or off site projects aim to achieve a step change in contractor and temporary recruitment performance, improving talent acquisition, quality and delivering cost savings.

Contractor Audit

Our contractor audit service provides visibility across a company’s contractor workforce. The service includes an audit of all contractors deployed, including terms and conditions, pay rates, time on site, finishing dates, service levels, department usage breakdown, committed spend and skills analysis. When performed prior to contractor migration, this exercise can be used as the baseline upon which that project is delivered.

Contractor Migration

Infopeople has developed a unique migration methodology that enables the transfer of contract resources to a single service provider. The process is designed to help navigate the migration group through any difficulties so the customer achieves its objectives — economies of scale, reduced administration and consistency of supply without losing mission critical resources.

Business Process Outsourcing

Our BPO service enables organisations to outsource complete departments, functions and processes allowing for better workforce flexibility, reduced costs and enhanced performance. Infopeople can work with you to implement long-term business process outsourcing programs covering recruitment, training, applications and infrastructure management.

Skills Analysis

We provide a comprehensive Skills Analysis service that helps client organisations map skills and technology levels against current and future projects. An effective skills gap analysis will identify areas of knowledge that are essential to fulfill corporate goals and drive the business forward.