Candidate Experience

Experienced & Qualified Recruitment Vertical Specialists


Our skilled IT recruitment specialists understand the challenges of all phases of the recruitment life cycle. They understand what you do. Many of our specialists hold MBAs in HR and IT.

Our commitment to you

We don’t just send out resumes. We will only represent you to our clients with your permission and only if there is a live, qualified and approved role.

Keeping you informed

We get back to you. If we are representing you we will keep you informed at all times.

Proactively searching for you

Infopeople make a promise to you to proactively find your next role.

It’s your choice

If you let us know where you would like to work – we will do everything we can to make it happen.

Attraction Techniques

We harness all forms of media, technology and referral programs to identify clients who may be interested in meeting with our candidates

Flexible contracting structures

Many “career contractors” prefer the flexibility of operating through a Company, Trust or Hybrid structure.

Paypartners provide you with access to a fully qualified Chartered Accountant to assist you with the setup, administration and ongoing management of all compliant business structures.

More savings for you

  • Discounted home and investment loans with all major lenders in Australia
  • Discounted car loans
  • Significant discounts on everyday shopping with over 400 retailers Australia wide
  • Wholesale travel and accommodation discounts

Bringing our clients to you

We hold a comprehensive database of clients that are always on the lookout for IT talent. This ensures our candidates always have access to the best companies to work for.

Recruitment advice & ongoing support

Infopeople’s specialist teams advise in market changes and market salaries. We will also advise and coach you prior to client interviews to give you the best chance of securing your next role.

Negotiating rates and salaries

We will negotiate salaries and contractor rates on your behalf with our clients.

Contractor services

Our best-practice care package is sent to contractors when an assignment is taken up. At regular points through the contract, we monitor service levels through our customer and contractor assignment monitoring processes and regularly test our support mechanisms are working effectively.


Paypartners, our payroll partners, are specialists in tax management of contractors and contingent workers. With over 15 years’ industry experience, our tax specialists assist you in managing your contract under the most tax effective structure available. We manage all legally compliant structures.

Salary packaging = tax savings

  • Novated car leases
  • Laptop, mobile, ipad, tablets etc.
  • Voluntary super
  • LAFHA & travel allowances
  • Negative gearing options
  • All work related expenses such as mobile, internet, stationery etc.
  • Any other exempt benefits